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Papa Rocket

Purebred Standard Poodle ( 62lbs. )

Rocket is a very good natured sweet gentle boy, he is soft in everyway! He loves attention and will intently hold your gaze which always gets him the pets he's craving. He almost never barks unless separated from his girls, and calmly hangs out right by their side in the shade all day. Rocket loves to snuggle, but his playful side shines through running around chasing the girls on our walks, he really loves exploring! Papa Rocket is the sire for all of  our Mamas, his pups with Ivy were diverse in coat colour and amount of curl, almost all of his sweet babies had teddybear markings so we are excited to meet the new pups later this summer!

Rocket is new to 48 Acres of Doodle Heaven but has sired other litters at his previous home, we thrilled with how well he has embraced his new home here with us, welcome Rocket! He may be made available as a sire for hire in the future, stay tuned!

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